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Mawhinney Law fixes people's finances. The team of professionals at Mawhinney Law specialize in reaching successful outcomes for clients in the Salt Lake City area and throughout Utah who are needing help in bankruptcy, debt settlement, loan modification, short sale management and foreclosure avoidance. Mawhinney Law is consistently the top bankruptcy filing and consumer advocacy law firm in utah.

We are one of the best Bankruptcy Attorneys In Utah.

Financial struggles can be difficult to deal with, especially if collection agents are pounding down your door. Evictions, harassment, and sudden garnished wages can be stalled or even reversed if you get the right help. If you are not sure what your rights are, then it’s important to consult the best bankruptcy attorneys Utah has to offer. Everyone who has faced bankruptcy in Salt Lake City could tell you that the best bankruptcy attorneys Salt Lake City has can all be found at Mawhinney Law.

Mawhinney Law is not your average bankruptcy law firm – Salt Lake City court officials, collections agents, and debtors can all tell you that. The attorneys at Mawhinney are known statewide for their extensive knowledge of debt settlement programs Utah locals can use to get out of debt, bankruptcy law, and debt management. They have helped hundreds of people avoid harassment, repossession, and eviction, giving them a stellar track record among those who need it the most. Our attorneys do everything possible to make sure that your life improves, and that you will be able to pick up the pieces in the future.

A common issue that people find with the bankruptcy law firms Utah houses is that attorneys tend to forget that their clients are people. At Mawhinney Law, clients are not just a case number and another paycheck. Our attorneys understand the amount of turmoil you are experience, the constant feeling of fear that comes with financial issues, and the fact that it often feels like no one is on your side. We understand that it is a huge display of trust when people come to our doors, and we do our best to be as sympathetic, helpful, and understanding as possible with our clients. It’s one of the reasons why we are often called the best bankruptcy law firm Salt Lake City has to offer.

When you are facing people who are armed to the teeth with lawyers, it’s important to get help from a team who is passionate about helping people through bankruptcy. You will never find a law firm that is more passionate about helping people save themselves from financial ruin. Don’t let the harassing calls, the heavy pressure from banks, and credit card debt bury you. Call Mawhinney Law today, and we will show you why we are the best bankruptcy attorneys in Utah.

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Sean Mawhinney has been a guest consultant numerous times on ABC 4's "Good Things Utah" as well as multiple local radio stations discussing consumer financial topics including loan modifications, finances and relationships, debt management and more.

Sean and the team of professionals at Mawhinney Law are currently one of the leading law firms in Utah for bankruptcy filings. More than half of their current caseload comes fro referrals of former clients.

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Shane - Loan Modification - Salt Lake City, UT

Shane was one of the worst cases we had seen. He wanted to let all of you know some of the things he learned while working with Mawhinney Law.

Things to know while working with a Loan Modification

  • Start Now! Do not wait any longer than you have to. It will not go away.
  • Seek Professional Help. You do not have the resources to compete with large scale banks.
  • Uncover your lender. Find out who actually owns the loan.
  • Just Be Honest &Straight Forward.
  • Be Realistic.
  • Keep Cool & Be Patient

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Stephanie - Personal Bankruptcy - Salt Lake City, UT

Stephanie went through a life changing situation and she didn't know where to turn. Here are some quick tips that she mentioned during her interview.

How to Pick a Bankruptcy Attorney

Filing for bankruptcy is a serious step, requiring excellent advice and the right representation. Here's how to find, and then choose, the best bankruptcy attorney for you.

Qualities to look for:

  • They discuss alternate resolutions
  • They display a passion for the process
  • They hear and understand you.